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        Ask About Special November Deals!

        Case Studies

        The Business

        Velasca.com creates high-quality hand crafted Italian shoes that last for life.

        The Challenge

        To find the perfect domain name that would allow Velasca to capture it’s direct to Consumer market.

        The Result

        "When in March 2013 we launched our ecommerce website, we were looking for a domain name that could best match the premiumness of our products and brand image. After scouting different service providers, we got in touch with DomainMarket and we got immediately impressed by the efficiency of their supporting team, the quality of their offering, and their pricing. Our domain name, Velasca.com, is now driving more than 10% of our website traffic. We definitely recommend DomainMarket!"


        All process is very easy with domain market. When we considered a good Domain for our brand WaffleStop is available in domain market we have contacted and in 2 emails it is done we have a new domain.
        Serkan Top

        I bought GymGeek.com over a year ago. I found the perfect domain (short, .com, easy to remember and very brandable) on DomainMarket.com. After a few quick emails to their sales team we purchased the domain quickly and with no hassle or problems. Their support team helped with any questions we had, and helped the transfer of the domain, and it was all done very smoothly. We wouldn't hesitate to use DomainMarket.com again in the future if we needed another high quality domain name. When work colleagues have asked us about buying premium domains we've instantly recommended they check out DomainMarket.com first, due to the large number of high quality domains.
        Ben Stone

        We needed a domain name to showcase and market our new Sleep Benefits Management business, napnook. Our own domain name from DomainMarket.com gives us better reach and the ability to more confidently pitch to prospective clients. Since the new site launched, the business has seen hockey-stick growth, much of it through the site.

        Thank you in advance for this email and also for your support of a domain I purchased through Domain market.

        I was led to purchase an advertised domain, www.hockeyhangout.com through your website. The support agent I dealt with, Tatiana, was extremely helpful. I have built a social networking community using this space. The price was right, and the domain name sounded perfect.
        Shaun Mitchell

        I acquired the domain melhorhospedagem.com from DomainMarket a year ago for the Brazilian market.

        DomainMarket helped me stand out from the competition with a high quality name for my business.

        Though a domain price can be significant, its brand value is a major advantage to become a market leader.

        I definitely recommend it!

        I run Trusted Tarot, one of the most popular free Tarot websites in the world. When I came up with the name "Tarot Mastery" for the course, of course the domain was taken - but on a whim I suggested he email the owner and see how much it would cost... and we were pleasantly surprised!

        Your company was so pleasant to work with, and sold us the exact domain we wanted at a fair and reasonable price. I was a bit nervous paying for the domain name upfront, but you did not disappoint me and I am so thrilled that my course has a new home :)

        Even if you do not decide to use my testimonial, please pass on my thanks for being one of the "Good Guys" in this competitive domain name buying world!
        Margaret Wells

        I worked with DomainMarket.com when I purchased my domain TheFitBlog.com. Finding a good domain name for a new fitness website is incredibly difficult. All the good names are either taken or super expensive, but DomainMarket.com helped me get TheFitBlog.com at a very good price.

        The part DomainMarket.com played was very professional & went smoothly for us. We had no problems & they communicated with us often so we had good contact with a real person.
        Stephen Wrinkle<br/>The Wrinkle Group

        Purchasing a premium domain through a domain re-seller can often be a slow, difficult and risky process. With DomainMarket.com and its team of highly reputable individuals ... the process was quick, easy, and safe. DomainMarket stands as the beacon of light, in an industry that is often shrouded in darkness.
        Pete Viola

        The folks at DomainMarket.com are both responsive and helpful! Their team worked closely with us to accommodate our unique needs and made our experience doing business with them a pleasant one.
        Charlene Farrell

        Simply put DomainMarket.com is the best place to find premium domains. Their support is very professional and helped me get up and running fast. I'm a big fan of DomainMarket.com.
        Mitch T.

        I used DomainMarket.com to buy the domain for my wedding website. I had no idea how to get a domain name but DomainMarket.com made it easy. I found out that buying a domain from DomainMarket.com was easier than choosing my wedding flower arrangements.
        Christy M.

        I purchased a domain on DomainMarket.com for my company's email services. I was using Hotmail and needed a professional email address to legitimize my company.
        Vincent K.

        I used DomainMarket.com to register domain names for all my real estate companies. My clients love it, and the big benefit to me is it's easy to do.
        Cris C.

        I needed a website to share my photography and videos. I was using Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube, but I wanted to have everything all in one place. DomainMarket.com made it easy to get a cool domain name.
        Jeff M.

        I'd been running my event planning business for a year through referrals only with no website. Then I decided to get my domain name at DomainMarket.com to make my business more official. I was able to put my website URL on my LinkedIn, social media accounts, and business cards. Having a premium domain name has helped me gown my my business tremendously.
        Hollie K.

        Working with DM was really smooth from the beginning: they really took the pain away from handling all the technical issues related to registering a domain. We needed to focus on building an active customer base from the very start, and DM was the perfect partner to work with.


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